2097 Vista Dale Ct., Tucker, GA 30084

If you’re doing a remodel, save a lot of time and just call TCW. It’s the best decision you’re going to make in a long time. You can keep reading, but trust me, just go with TCW. We turned a carport into a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room about 4-5 months ago, and every single time I walk in my room, I get happy. It’s the most beautiful room I’ve ever slept in. First, Broy came out to look at the job and give the quote. He was the friendliest, most approachable, and most professional person we got a quote from. His quote was also, by far, the most detailed (drywall this much, paint this much, framing this much, etc). It was also $50k lower than another major ATL company, because the other company wouldn’t listen to what we wanted and tried to get us to extend the roof and redo x, y, and z. We told Broy our budget, we shared ideas of what we wanted, and we had an itemized budget and diagrams within a few days. Then, and maybe best of all, we had a dedicated project manager, Ross. I’m gonna save a plate for Ross at Thanksgiving this year. Ross treated my house like it was his own and he just genuinely cares about every single little detail like it’s the most important thing in the world. He listened to every concern, gave me options, explained every hang-up, and was creative with solutions. Maybe best of all, he also clearly cares about the other workers. He held everyone accountable but did so in a respectful and professional manner. He also kept the project almost exactly on budget. On top of that, the framers, the tile people, the painters, the electricians. Where do they get these people from? Pablo, Adres, and their crew of framers were incredibly efficient, but more than that, they were artists. Pablo cared as much for the aesthetic as the function. He let me know when we had choices we could make and also let me know when he disagreed with my choices. Enrique, the tile guy, put on a masterclass of tile work making our custom shower. He was a perfectionist that agonized over every single cut. The overall point is that every single worker that came into our house was a professional who was not only incredibly skilled but also cared for their craft as much as anyone I’ve ever met. I met these people, I learned their names, and I got to watch artists do their work. I’ve never been more pleased with a company.